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Gods and Goddesses

14 days Temple Tour guided by the inspirator of Ancient Egypt Tours

It is an astounding idea that the ancient Egyptians built their temples for eternity, as records, so that their wisdom could survive for many generations to come. Even today, Egypt holds many secrets, for you to be reveiled.
By applying simple techniques, you will be able to enter a state of mystical awareness. You'll be amazed by the images and insights that may appear to you after entering the sacred temples in a quiet, maybe even processional way. The petals of Kemet's Blue Lotus will unfold and the magical child Nefertum appears.

The Temple Tour will be guided by an Egyptologist and Gerda van der Linden. For more than 20 years she is the inspirational force behind the Ancient Egypt Tours and made Egypt her second home. After working for many years in a so called hidden Temple, she perpetuates this beautiful ritualistic work on the spot, in the ancient temples, allowing for a more direct interaction. According to Gerda, a wonderful inspirational contact with the realm of the godforms can be accomplished for anyone that is sincerely interested.

Please feel invited to join this mystical journey to the holiest of the holy temples of Ancient Egypt's gods or goddesses.

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The journey into the magical world of ancient Egypt starts in Cairo where we not only visit famous sites, but also some hidden treasures, sacred places hidden in the mountains, some of oldest places of Christian worship and a pittoresque Oriental bazaar dating from the Middle Ages.

We enter the last remaining of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the great pyramid of Cheops that still holds its secrets. Once inside of the pyramid, we climb up to the King's chamber for meditation. Experience for yourself the mysterious energy of this amazing pyramid.

After having experienced Cairo's mysteries, we fly to Luxor to start our journey into the realm of the gods and goddesses and see what will reveal itself when we open ourselves for their presence, deep inside of the temples. Included is a special daytrip for an extended visit of the temple of the god Osiris in Abydos with the even more mysterious Osireion and the temple of Hathor, goddess of love, dance and sensuality with the zodiac and the sky goddes Nut stretching out above us. In Luxor we have a special visit of a lovely small Hathor Temple in the Western Desert Mountains and see the sun rise from the beautiful Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

From Luxor we follow the Nile river towards Aswan, all the way in the south of the country where our journey ends in the beautiful temple of the goddess Isis.

Besides of experiencing Egypt's ancient sacred treasures, there will be time to reflect, relax and meet the country's friendly and hospitable people.




Day of arrival in Egypt: Saturday

The Gods and Goddesses Tour has a meditative character and is intended for small groups with a minimum of 5 participants.

This special tour is provided 1 or 2 times a year which will be announced in our Newsletter.

This tour can also be provided for private groups.

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Dates of the upcoming Gods & Goddesses Tour will be announced in our Newsletter.



CULTURAL EXCURSIONS including transfers, entrance fees, Egyptologist & Gerda van der Linden


  • Welcoming at the airport
  • Luggage handling
  • 2 Domestic flights Cairo/Luxor & Aswan/Cairo
  • All transfers in airconditioned mini bus/coach
  • Hand-outs
  • Temple Meditations
  • Permits and taxes

International flights

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